Networking on #Demphd

#Demphd is a great resource for PhDs and Postdocs in the field of dementia to network on a social media platform and help each other with issues around ethics, literature reviews, and other research queries. Thanks to @annatatton1 and @juliechristie1 for setting it up some years ago, our new #demphd blog offers us an additional platform to connect with fellow young and budding researchers in the field of dementia.

Although you can always read back on our ~3-weekly chats, @DrGrantGibson has also created a great list of people taking part in #demphd. I thought, for one of the first blogs, it would be really useful to have an overview of the sheer reach of #demphd in terms of dementia research areas! So hold on, there are quite a few topics to follow!

We’ve got a myriad of topics covered on #demphd, from young-onset dementia (@minimum_chips) and exercise effects on cognition (@JordanAisha) to music in dementia (@RobynDowlen & @Musica_Rosie) and cellular and molecular levels (@TweetwithQuinn). @volkmer_anna and @courtneyjshaw1 both do PhDs on communication, Anna looks at communication training interventions for people with primary progressive aphasia/fronto-temporal dementia and Courtney looks at facilitated communication to improve quality of dementia care during hospital admission. @Paully232000 also investigates hospitals and dementia, whilst exploring everyday decision making and caring for people with dementia in community hospitals.

Indeed, a lot of #PhDs discussed on #demphd focus on effective dementia care. @veritylongley focuses on understanding the care process and needs of people with dementia after stroke, and @sarayearsley76 researches supporting home-based family carers of people with dementia at the end of life (also see @nathandavies50). @KellynWeir focuses on decisions surrounding risk in care homes, and @millie_abbo researches risk and safety perceived by adult child carers for their parents with dementia. Other PhD students look at dementia care from a different perspective, involving effective design (@brifrischu) and assistive technology (@MattLariv).


Just to highlight the benefits of #demphd, you can meet people from across the world (or just from across the Channel) that do somewhat similar research to yours: @FortierJonathan investigates everyday activities and theory of mind in dementia, whilst I personally (@ClarissaGiebel) am in the finishing stretches of exploring everyday activities in dementia and their relationship to cognition and well-being. @Kat1ed and @emmafc74, both from the University of Manchester, use qualitative methods to investigate dementia, and Emma in particular looks at deafness.

So, it looks like the psychosocial side of dementia and care is heavily featured on #demphd already. But there are @Gaia_Brezzo, @NeuroRach, and @RionaMcArdle (for example) who investigate dementia from a neuroscience perspective.

I hope this blog helps some of you to connect with fellow PhDs and Postdocs. With hopefully more people joining us, and balancing out the great focus on psychosocial research with neuroscience and biomedical research, I’m hoping to update this overview piece in the future. If I have missed anyone out by accident, please just drop me a tweet or respond to the blog :). For now, get ready for the next #demphd chat, on thesis writing this time!


2 thoughts on “Networking on #Demphd

  1. I’m Becca O’Brien tweeting for @voice_study and I’m also looking at how we improve communication between healthcare professionals and people with dementia in the general hospital setting. Thanks for the blog! I’ve found at least one new contact.


  2. Great to hear that the blog is useful 🙂 I shall add you to the next overview blog. Also join us for the next #demphd chat, probably next week! C


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