What do you want to see from Demphd?

Hi all

I hope you have found the posts added so far by the Demphd team and our first guest blogger useful.   We are keen to make sure this blog, and the wider Demphd network is responsive to your wants and needs as PhD’s and early career researchers.  So now I’d like to turn this over to you.  So here are some questions we’d like to ask you, about what you’d like to see from #demphd

  • Are there any specific topics you’d like to discuss, either in one of our hosted twitter chats, or as a blog post?
  • Is there any information you’d like to see included on this blog.  We have already included a list of postgraduate students carrying outPhD’s in dementia who are active on twitter, but do you have any more suggestions for info we could include.
  • Are there any resources or links you’d like to see.  We are planning to provide a list of blogs from other phd students carrying out PhD’s in dementia, but are there any other resources you’d like to see.

We want #demphd to be driven by your needs and wants, so please let us know, either here, or via twitter, about what you’d like to see included here.



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